Saturday, January 1, 2011


I'm a 3D Artist working in the video game industry for the last 4 years. My specialties are High Poly/Low Poly Characters/ Environments, Environment Assets, Props, Environment Lighting and Texturing/Uv Unwrapping.
Professional Experience
(August- 2008 - Present) Telltale Games - San Franciso, CA
Position: - 3d Artist on Several Telltale games.

- Character, Environment, Assets Artist

- Responsibilities include Modeling (HP/LP)

- Uv Unwrapping/Texturing

- Scene Building

- Prop/Evidence Creation and Placement
- Lighting of environments,

- Camera work for Chores

- Concept art for outsource artists.
(Jan- 2008 - July 2008) Wahoo Studios - Orem, UT
Position: - 3d Artist on Unshipped Xbox 360 game

- Characters and Environments
(July- 2007 - Jan 2008) Black Point Studios - San Franciso, CA
Position: - 3d Artist on Iron Man

- Character, Environment and Prop Artist

- (High Poly/Low Poly) Uv Unwrapping, Texturing, Scene Building.

- Modeling faces built off of ILM scan data

- Zbrushing all 4 principal characters, clothing, Iron Monger- armor and various props for normal map extraction.

- Modeled various scene props. Texturing and Uv unwrapping characters and scene props.

- Worked Closely with art director through game to fully realize Characters to completion.

- Environment and Asset creation
(July- 2007 - Jan 2008) Black Point Studios - San Franciso, CA
Position: - 3d Artist on Midway's Career Criminal

- Character Artist

- Responsibilities included Modeling (High Poly/Low Poly) Uv Unwrapping, Texturing, for a few secondary characters.
(May - 2006 - Dec 2006) - London, UK
Position: - 3d Artist

- Modeled various hard-surface geometry for clients such as BBC, BMW,
Grouse Liqueur, Peerless Tires.

Shipped Titles
Telltale Games Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People
Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures
Tales of Monkey Island
CSI: Deadly Intent
CSI: Fatal Conspiracy
Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse
Black Point Studios Iron Man (Secret Level)

- High-Poly Hard-Surface and Organic Modeling
- Low-Poly modeling 
- Texturing (Hand Painted and Photo Projection)
- Shader creation (UE3) 
- Environment Building and Lighting
- Environment Assets
- Traditional Art (Drawing, Sketching)
- Modo (Primary)
- Softimage XSI
- Maya
- Zbrush
- Mudbox
- xNormal
- Crazy Bump
- UVlayout
- Adobe Photoshop
- Body Paint3d
- Mari
- Unreal Engine
- Adobe After Effects

References Available upon request.